Why You Shouldn’t Discount TikTok. 

Photo by Amanda Vick on Unsplash

No, TikTok isn’t just teens dancing. 

Like all platforms you need to first decide what your goal is. 

Is it to be internet famous? 

To engage with your fans? 

To enhance your audience? 

Engage with your customers? 

Whatever your goal is work toward that using your strengths. 

Take a look at this recent video from CBS Sunday Morning 

The three pillars of social media are Educate, Inspire and Entertain. Entertaining takes skill, talent and hard work. If you aren’t an entertainer, don’t worry you can educate and inspire. There are some creative ways to do that WHILE being entertaining. Still not sure? Set up a call and let’s discuss your creative direction, strategy and content creation. 

Here are some examples of individuals using TikTok while staying true to their brand. I purposely chose accounts in fields that you may not expect to see on TikTok to give you a example. Next time you doom scroll TikTok take a look and search hashtags that relate to your business.

PS. These are not clients, just accounts that I think are good examples.

Medical professionals:



Museums & Education:


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