Having Trouble Getting Back to Work after the Holidays?

Photo by Emiliana Hall on Unsplash

If you’re like me its hard to take a break and then even harder to return after a break. Maybe its the workaholic in me or my ADHD brain. Having ADHD I often have trouble taking a break and then resuming work. It brings all sorts of anxiety and I have trouble focusing. A common misconception of ADHD is that we can’t focus but truthfully we are SO FOCUSED that it can be hard to “turn our brain off.” On this cold New York winter day I wouldn’t just jump in my car and hit the road. I’d let it warm up and scrape off the ice before I drive it. Why do I give myself grief about “warming up my brain”? It is so important to allow yourself the time you need to be productive and efficient. 

Every morning when I go into work I set a timer for 15 minutes. In that 15 minutes I get my office and my mind ready for the workday ahead. I make a cup of coffee and turn on music or a podcast. Layout my notes and supplies for the day and water my plants.  Those 15 minutes help me to adjust to the day and allow me to get down to work. They are mindful moments and not the dreaded “p-word”, procrastination.

If you work in a creative field you are bound to have “writers block” or procrastination. It is okay, learn how to manage it the best way for you. I was recently prescribed medication for ADHD and for me it has been life changing. If you think you have ADHD then talk to your medical provider about options that will work best for you! 

Check out Additude for great ADHD insights.

One way I have found to inspire myself especially in the winter months is to surround myself with greenery. After a work trip to L.A. a few years ago I remember coming home to the grey and cold of NY. I went and bought a bunch of house plants and what a difference it made! 

Did you know that plants can actually boost your mental health as well as help to purify the air?

This “Money Tree” has been with me since the start of my business in 2013. I posted this photo on the first official work day of January 2022, it felt like a good day to post a pic of it as we all left the fog of the holiday season and tried to start anew. With all of the holiday decorations put away my home and office were feeling a bit naked. Being in a creative field it is important to me that wherever I’m working I have a place that inspires me. It can be as simple as a photo on my desk or a plant in my sight line. 

Working from home or working for yourself? Find little ways to increase your productivity while boosting your own wellness! I think I’ll purchase some more indoor plants to give my spirits, creativity and productivity a boost! 

Happy New Year,


More info on the Money Tree

2 thoughts on “Having Trouble Getting Back to Work after the Holidays?

  1. It’s so cool that you’ve found a way to boost your productivity. My method is to have a routine that I stick to, which gets me in the groove for a more productive day. I appreciate this post. Thanks for sharing!


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