Multitasking & Working From Home

Cathy Tripiciano, Owner & Creative Director Maple Seed Creative

We’ve been told multitasking is good. It means that you are a dedicated and hard worker, right?

I just figured I was a multitasker, and damn good at it too! Next time someone asks me “are you good at multitasking?” I’m prepared to tell them I’m a recovering multitasker! 

Photo: Cathy Tripiciano, Maple Seed Creative

I’m working from home this morning with every intention of being in the office in the afternoon. Thankfully my ADHD meds have kicked in and I realize multitasking for me is not a good idea!

I’ve discovered that multitasking sabotages my productivity instead of it being some kind of superpower.

Here are two personal examples and truthfully the inspiration for this blog post:

1. In the old days, I would binge all available episodes of the just dropped today “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” while working from my laptop with the dog snuggled next to me. I couldn’t prioritize or control that impulse. I’m looking forward to actually watching “Mrs. Maisel” at another time. When I can focus and enjoy it!  Also, watching a great series does wonders for my creativity and productivity. Inspiration is so important but it needs a proper time and place!

2. While checking in on client social posts on my phone this morning, my niece sent me a YouTube link of the new “Stranger Things” trailer. Full disclosure, I watched it. But, I didn’t spend a lost hour watching suggested videos or reading articles on the topic or going down a rabbit hole of 1980s nostalgia. 

So, long story short! It’s time to go into the office. There’s too many distractions at home

If you’re struggling with focus while working from home have you looked into co-working spaces in your area OR “freelancer friendly” local businesses? 

I did the coffee shop route and utilized a co-working space when I was working remote as a freelancer. I liked it but then it became too distracting and I could only do small tasks because of my type of business. It’s hard to edit videos in a co-working space! Eventually my freelance turned into a company and I was able to afford an office space of my own. As I navigated the freelance and remote world I realized that there are opportunities for office sharing and affordable office spaces. 

Reach out to your local chamber of commerce or business organizations for local referrals.

What triggers while working from home derail your creativity and productivity? 

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