Image & Video Portfolio

Visual elements are vital to your social media and online presence. Social Media users are more apt to engage with a post if it includes a photo or video. Video, images, and graphics created with the Adobe Creative Suite.

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 Memes, Info-Graphics, GIFs, & Promotional Images.


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 Video for Social Sharing.







Click here to see a video shot and edited by Maple Seed Creative exclusively for a social media engagement campaign.  Followers were directed to Facebook to submit questions to be answered by Mimi in a video. Followers who commented were entered for a chance to win a signed copy of her autobiography.


Paley Center Video and Mom Clips: Graphics creation & editing.

Lego Marjorie/Mom Promotion: Fan made LEGO version of the character Marjorie. I took stills and animated them in Adobe Premiere. Graphic creation & editing.

Mimi Kennedy Youtube Channel

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