Selection of Clients & Links

“I have included here an overview of what I have done and continue to do for specific clients. I hope this gives you an idea of what we could do together. I stress together. Your online presence is yours, with my help we can manage it.” – Cathy 


MIMI KENNEDY – Actress, Author, & Activist

Assistant/Public Relations Representative

I manage online content and social media for Actress Mimi Kennedy. I started working for Mimi in 2013. I began as her liaison with branding and designing her website. I worked directly with the web developer, Mimi, and her management team. Visit 

In addition to the website we began a more involved social media presence. I created her Official Facebook Page as well as began managing her Twitter and Instagram accounts with her. I work directly with Warner Bros. and CBS to assist in promotion of the Chuck Lorre produced sitcom MOM on Mimi’s social media. I create promotional images as well as engage with her  fans. I have facilitated interviews with reporters from national news outlets including Politico, Time Magazine, Fox News, and Closer Weekly. In the Fall of 2017 I created an official Youtube page to host archive clips from her career as well as produce new video content for online sharing.



I started working with Earthworks Films in 2015. I have created social media accounts for the company and accounts associated with current projects. I work directly with founder and Academy Award winner, Maria Florio and her team on researching content online.

EarthWorks Films Official Website 

Earthworks Films Twitter 

Mad Toy Box Films

Two time Emmy Award winning production house in Charlotte, N.C.

In 2015 I began assisting MTB with post production photoshop and image manipulation. 2018 – Social media consultation and management.

Mad Toy Box Official Website