Services Offered

Public Relations is more than just press releases and media contacts. Today your audience is engaging with your brand daily. This engagement happens not in person per say but on personal devices. Online brand management & social media management is Public Relations.





Content Creation

Videos, bios, blog posts and press releases Oh MY! Let us craft content that speaks in your voice that lets clients/customers/fans connect with you and your brand.

Public Relations

Select a one time only package or work with us to create a package for a customizable time frame. Purchase a campaign that works best for you! Press Releases, promotional images, blog posts, and social media management. Customize a plan that reflects your needs and your budget.Click here for rate and package information.

Social Media Account Management.

Let us post for you! In addition to using social media accounts to promote your projects we assist you in promoting your brand. Engage with your fan base while organically allowing new followers to find your account. In addition to posting text we offer content creation and cultivation. Images, Infographics, Gifs and Video.

Social Media Account Tutorials and Consultations.

Not only do we manage social media accounts for our clients we also empower them with the tools they need to post for themselves in a way that encourages engagement from followers. Live Tweet Events, Televised Award Ceremonies, Promotional Events,  etc. You name the event and we provide the hashtags and accounts to tag. With our coaching we guarantee you will see an improvement in your social media engagement.

Monitoring of Online Mentions.

We search the internet for online mentions so that you don’t have to! Daily web searches and alerts allow us to keep tabs on what is being posted about you, your projects and anything that relates to your business.


Social Media Engagement Meme/Image Campaigns 

They flood the newsfeed everyday. Inspirational quotes or funny one-liners. Why not let us create sharable images specific to your industry and branded with your logo.Click here for rate and package information.

Need Help? 

Farm the work out to us!

You’re managing your account or those of others. Maybe you aren’t as fluent in Photoshop as you’d like to be or making gifs seems like an ordeal. Another reason people contact us? They simply don’t have the time! Spend a little and save some valuable time.

 Virtual Assistance 

We offer virtual assistance packages. You’re in the entertainment industry but not quite in the need for a daily assistant, but you still need some help! In this role we have experience in researching information for projects, booking travel, social media, correspondence (aka fan mail and direct messages), public relations,  post-production assistance, in person event management/assistance, and much more!


Pricing is dependent on your needs and the project. For more information or to schedule a conversation about what you need, email Cathy Tripiciano below.