Meet Founder & Creative Director

The only difficult thing about working with me is pronouncing my last name.

CATHY TRIPICIANO, Founder & Creative Director

My clients range from celebrities and film-makers to owners of small businesses. Whether you have an Oscar on your mantle or your name above the door, my approach is the same. I work with you at achieving your goals. If you’re a creative or just think outside the box, you’ve come to the right place.

I began my career in communications as a television producer. In 2008 as social media sites were beginning to get attention as a way to connect with an audience (in addition to sharing a picture of your cat with your Aunt Linda), I took notice.

I parlayed my broadcasting experience into the world of new media. I work WITH my clients to ensure that they are comfortable with their online presence and we craft the right plan that fits THEIR needs. Those services includes public relations; producing content such as: video, images, and the written word; social media management; as well as virtual assistance; and creative direction.

In addition to owning Maple Seed Creative I am also an Adjunct Professor of Communications and Media Studies at a college in New York State.

In 2020 Cathy was named the winner of the Phyllis K. Goldman Encouragement Award. The award is given to a female business owner who has shown noteworthy entrepreneurial pursuit and inspires other women to pursue their dreams. 

Your online presence is so much more than ads and marketing techniques, it is COMMUNICATION.