“Why Do I Need Your Help with My Online Brand & Creative Direction?”

I am often asked by prospective clients what do you do? More importantly, I ask “what can I do for them?”

Here is what I do in a nutshell. I work with clients to manage their brand online and find a creative direction or the voice of the brand. I create partnerships with individuals that allow me to create or post online content for them in their own voice.

Websites & Social Media

I update websites with new material, press releases, write blog posts, images and video content. In addition to managing social media accounts, I also work to assist clients on how to use social media to engage with an audience. I always tell clients that at the end of the day the account has your name on it and it belongs to you, it should be your voice. If you already have personal accounts you may want to create specific accounts for your projects or professional persona to allow some distance between your public and  private selves. I can help you create the sites and manage them with you.  I have found clients really like not having to respond to every tweet or comment, it is kind of like having a personal assistant that handles your online interaction. I compile the online communications for review by the client. I am in constant communication with my clients. I track what is trending on social media as it relates to your brand as well as encourage engagement with your followers and increase traffic to your sites. I monitor the web throughout the day for things of interest to you or involving your work/workmates. I will work with you to make sure that when I speak for you, I am able to do so from your voice and maintain your integrity and direction.   – Cathy 

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